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Surprising underdog earns Knockouts title shot against Trinity at Impact Victory Road

If you line up all the names in the Knockouts division, there is one in particular that I would predict as the least likely to earn a title shot for one of Impact’s special events or PPVs. And yet, here we are. That person shocked the Impact Zone. Alisha Edwards will challenge Trinity for the Knockouts Championship at Victory Road in White Plains, NY on September 8.

Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Aug. 31, 2023) opened with a battle royal to determine the #1 contender for Trinity at Victory Road. The field included Masha Slamovich, Killer Kelly, Courtney Rush, Jessicka, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans, KiLynn King, Jody Threat, Alisha Edwards, and Vanna Black.

Black was the first elimination at the hands of MK Ultra. Evans dumped Kelly, and Jai Vidal blocked Shaw from falling to the floor so she could pull Slamovich over the ropes. The tag champs were both out.

Rush hammered Shaw with a clothesline, and both tumbled over the ropes down to the floor. King low-bridged Jessicka out of the ring. Threat dropkicked Evans off the apron for an elimination.

The finish appeared to come down to King and Threat. They were throwing blows and battling for position hanging over the top rope. That’s when Alisha ran in from behind to dump both King and Threat. Alisha had exited the ring early and hid on the side until the very end. That strategy paid off in victory.

Backstage, Alisha celebrated with her husband, Eddie Edwards. She was brimming with confidence.

Hmm, well, that’s certainly an odd choice by Impact. Alisha is serviceable in the ring, but she’s not the type of wrestler to carry a match. It’s doubly odd that Impact would choose this opponent for Trinity after the Knockouts division was riding high on momentum as the main event match of Emergence.

What’s your take on Alisha Edwards becoming the next challenger for Trinity?

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