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Impact Emergence 2023 results: Trinity retains in main event, new tag champs, Steve Maclin returns, more!

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Impact visited the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Emergence (Aug. 27, 2023). You can still order the replay on Fite for just $9.99.

Let’s boogie through results for the card.

Knockouts Championship: Trinity retained against Deonna Purrazzo. The Virtuosa gained the edge early for a piledriver on the floor. Purrazzo worked the arm. That tactic paid dividends when Trinity rallied for the Starstruck submission but couldn’t cinch it tight due to the damage done to her arm. Trinity unloaded her arsenal of signature moves, however, Purrazzo had the will to survive. Purrazzo picked up momentum for the armbar, however, Trinity countered into a Code Red. The champ slapped on Starstruck then modified it to earn the tap.

Bully Ray, Moose, Brian Myers, & Lio Rush defeated Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Kushida, & Josh Alexander. This match broke down into complete chaos. Alexander had Moose trapped in an ankle lock. Myers landed a flying elbow drop onto the referee to prevent a submission call. The wrestlers scattered with the scumbags taking control. Moose chokeslammed Sabin through a table. Rush connected on a flying slash to Kushida through a table. Bully was planning on tossing Shelley through a table, but the lights went out. PCO appeared. Bully had help powerbombing the monster off stage through a table. PCO rose up unaffected and chased Bully. Steve Maclin made a surprise return to attack PCO. Maclin and Alexander brawled on stage. Security separated Maclin from the fracas. Back in the ring, Myers shoved Alexander into Shelley. The world champ pouted and abandoned the match. Moose speared Alexander to win.

Sanada defeated Jake Something. The IWGP World Heavyweight Championship was not on the line. Sanada didn’t even have the belt, because Evil stole it in NJPW. The champ had trouble dealing with Jake’s power. Jake had heart too to kick out of a TKO and a moonsault. Jake fired up down the stretch, but Sanada countered a swinging side slam into a DDT to win.

Back to School: Eddie Edwards defeated Frankie Kazarian. This was a cinematic match from the school of Killer Kowalski in Massachusetts. After an exchange of words to set the mood, the contest took place in the practice ring with a referee on site. The action spilled to the floor using the surroundings, such as a Kaz on the pull-up bar swinging for momentum for a hurricanrana. Kaz was in control with a piledriver, then Alisha Edwards arrived to chew him out. Eddie capitalized on the distraction for a blindside Boston Knee Party to win. Afterward, Alisha hit Kaz with a kendo stick, and Eddie smashed a glass photo over Kaz’s head.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Rascalz won the titles from Subculture. Enjoy Hot Fire Flame off the stage.

Trey Miguel sprayed paint in the eyes of Mark Andrews, but Ace Austin and Chris Bey ran in to distract the referee. The Good Hands arrived to rumble with ABC. Dani Luna took out the Good Hands on a flying crossbody. Subculture had their shot to get the job done, but they couldn’t do it. The Rascalz rose in the end with a teamwork torture rack lift for a flying stomp on Flash Morgan Webster. New champs.

Impact Digital Media Championship: Kenny King retained against Johnny Swinger. The Swingman found his groove to take control, but Sheldon Jean interfered. When the referee ejected Jean, Heath ran in for a Wake Up Call to King. The DMC survived to continue the fight and hit the Royal Flush on Swinger to win. Afterward, King and Jean stomped a mudhole in Swinger. Tommy Dreamer brought security to cease the violence. King attacked Dreamer before exiting for a victory celebration.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: MK Ultra retained against Shawntourage, KiLynn King & Jody Threat, and Death Dollz. Taylor Wilde was mysteriously attacked backstage, so Director of Authority Santino Marella decided to insert Threat in the witch’s place. The action progressed into moves all around to clear the ring. Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly double-teamed Courtney Rush for a BTE Trigger and a teamwork stack piledriver for victory.

No DQ: Eric Young defeated Deaner. Young outsmarted Kon to handcuff the powerhouse around the ring post. Young leaped off a tall ladder to land a flying elbow drop on Deaner, but Deaner kicked out on the cover. Kon broke free and chokeslammed Young onto open chairs. Young rallied to lift both adversaries for a double Death Valley Driver onto a barbed wire board. EY finished Deaner with a piledriver on the barbed wire.

The free pre-show featured a pair of bouts.

Joya defeated Good Hands. Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura started their journey to become tag team champions. Joya prevailed when Hendry did an airplane spin tossing his opponent into a cutter from Yuya.

Mike Bailey defeated Alan Angels. Speedball wasn’t slowed down by Angels’ attempts at cheating. Bailey earned the win on the Ultima Weapon knee drop.

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