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Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, & Velvet Sky return to Impact Wrestling for 1,000th episode

Impact is nearing a milestone for their flagship television program. The countdown to 1,000 episodes is on for Impact Wrestling, and they are bringing some blasts from the past to participate.

Impact is hosting the Victory Road special event on September 8 in White Plains, NY. The next night on September 9 will be the TV taping for the 1,000th episode of Impact Wrestling. That show is expected to air on September 14.

The Knockouts division has been an integral part of the appeal of Impact over the years, so they will be honoring a couple of influential players. Awesome Kong will be in the house. Kong is a two-time Knockouts champion and a member of the Impact Hall of Fame.

The Beautiful People will reunite when Angelina Love and Velvet Sky return to Impact. Love is a six-time Knockouts champion.

Seeing Kong, Love, and Sky back in Impact has all the makings of a perfect spot for Gisele Shaw to interrupt and start a fracas. Kong is officially retired from the ring, and injuries have caused Sky to move to a commentary role in the NWA. However, Love is still actively wrestling, and she would need backup to even the odds with Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal supporting Shaw. Impact hasn’t tipped their hand on this scenario, but it does feel like something they would do.

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