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Alex Shelley knocks off one more challenger for Impact World Championship

Alex Shelley is establishing himself as a strong champion in his run with the Impact world title. The Motor City Machine Gun upset Steve Maclin to win the strap, and he has retained in matches against Maclin, Nick Aldis, and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Shelley knocked off another challenger in the main event of Impact Wrestling (Aug. 24, 2023).

Brian Myers was the flavor of the night stepping up to Shelley. It was a clean match all the way through. Shelley focused on the left arm by hyperextending the elbow. Myers worked the lower back as his strategy. Myers damaged himself colliding into the ring post on a spear attempt. Shelley took advantage for the Border City Stretch submission. Myers was able to roll the position backward for a pinfall. Shelley had to release the hold to kick out.

Myers was in the groove for an implant DDT and a spear. Neither move could finish Shelley. Myers sized up his opponent for the trusty Roster Cut lariat. Shelley saw it coming and kicked Myers in the mush. Shelley struck with Sliced Bread. On the kick out, Shelley transitioned to the Border City Stretch. As Myers reached out for the ropes, Shelley rolled the position to the center of the ring. There was no escape for Myers, and he tapped out in defeat. Shelley remains Impact world champion.


Impact posted the full match for your viewing pleasure.

Line them up, and Shelley will knock them down. Shelley has earned quality wins in his title reign, but the true test for greatness will be when Josh Alexander comes calling. The Walking Weapon was never beaten for the Impact World Championship and had to relinquish the belt due to injury. Set the clock to countdown for that exciting clash in the near future.

Are you impressed with Alex Shelley as Impact world champion?

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