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Samuray del Sol loses in Impact debut

Samuray del Sol (aka Kalisto) made his debut in Impact, but it didn’t pan out how he would have liked. Samuray was dropped in defeat.


The luchador was supposed to make his official debut in trios action a few weeks back, but Lio Rush attacked him backstage. Samuray missed the scheduled contest.

Chris Sabin also has beef with the Bad Child after losing the X-Division Championship under sketchy circumstances. Sabin and Samuray both wanted a piece of Rush, but he wasn’t in the building on that evening. They agreed to a singles duel as an unofficial way to determine who gets to put hands on Rush first.

Sabin versus Samuray went down on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling (Aug. 24, 2023). Samuray had the edge early with flashy movement. Sabin picked up on the luchador’s tendencies. He faked a step to set up Samuray for a dropkick to the knee. Sabin focused on grounding the high flyer with aggressive mat work on the legs.

The hometown Chicago crowd cheered for Samuray, and he used that emotion as a power boost to rally for a springboard flying crossbody.


Samuray tried to finish with the Salida del Sol standing sitout shiranui, but Sabin was too savvy with blocks and counters. The match progressed with Sabin back in control, then Samuray struck with the Salida del Sol out of nowhere. Sabin wisely rolled out of the ring to protect himself and buy time to recover. Samuray gave chase for a springboard cannonball to the outside.

Sabin regrouped inside the ring to stun Samuray with a step-up enzuigiri. Sabin pounced for the Cradle Shock to win.

That was a tough test for Samuray in his Impact debut. There is no shame in losing to Sabin, who is a nine-time X-Division champion.

Impact posted video of the full match.

Would you like to see more of Samuray del Sol in the Impact Zone?

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