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Bully Ray carjacked a random driver to escape from a monster

Bully Ray’s chickens have come home to roost. Or more specifically, his monsters have come for revenge. PCO made a surprise return to haunt Bully, and that scumbag resorted to carjacking a random driver to escape.

For a little context, Bully and Steve Maclin lit PCO on fire back in July.

The French-Canadian Frankenstein hadn’t been seen since. That was until Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Aug. 10, 2023).

Bully was in the middle of trios action to build trust with teammates Moose and Brian Myers. When Bully was in the disrespectful act of removing Laredo Kid’s mask, the lights turned out. Lightning struck as a sign that PCO has risen. Lights on, and the monster was in the ring. Bully looked like he crapped his pants in fear. PCO cleared the ring, and Bully ran away.

Bully scurried down stairs into an alley while muttering how fire should have killed the monster. Upon realization that he had no ride, Bully stole a vehicle to zoom away as PCO pounded on the window.

Bully better come up with a plan to deal with PCO, or else he might not be around for the Dudley Boys reunion at the 1,000th episode of Impact Wrestling in September.

What is your reaction to this craziness from Bully Ray and PCO?

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