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PCO lit on fire by Bully Ray and Steve Maclin

PCO is a monster that won’t die. Bully Ray and Steve Maclin put that to the test by setting the French-Canadian Frankenstein on fire during Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (July 6, 2023).

Scott D’Amore is taking a leave of absence from Impact leadership for one specific reason. That is to put hands on Bully Ray. D’Amore will be tagging with PCO against Bully and Maclin at the Slammiversary PPV on July 15.

D’Amore and PCO had some business to settle before that showdown. The Good Hands blamed their bad luck on D’Amore. Since he had no authority for now, they wanted a match against him to unleash their anger. D’Amore wasn’t interested in getting physical. He’s not risking his return to the ring until the situation arises at Slammiversary. Instead, D’Amore pulled strings for PCO to step in on a handicap match against John Skyler and Jason Hotch.

PCO had little trouble pummeling the Good Hands. A De-animator senton on the apron took out Hotch. A reverse DDT and a moonsault on Skyler earned the win.

Business picked up in the aftermath. Hotch still wanted a piece of D’Amore, so he slapped him across the face. D’Amore answered with punches. He sent Hotch into the ropes for a Sky High spinebuster.

As D’Amore was setting up a Canadian Destroyer, Bully entered on stage. That turned out to be a distraction, so Maclin could run in from behind for a low blow to PCO and a chair shot to D’Amore. Bully took his turn whacking D’Amore and PCO with the chair. Maclin handcuffed D’Amore to the ropes to force him to helplessly watch a double chokeslam to PCO through a table.

The bad guys weren’t done with PCO. They tossed him down the side ramp into the parking lot structure. Bully choked PCO with a chair, while Maclin poured battery acid into the monster’s mouth. They soaked PCO lighter fluid and set him on fire. PCO cried out screams of anguish, but the monster did not die. PCO flailed his arms and stumbled out of screen, like in a horror movie.

What’s your take on Bully Ray and Steve Maclin lighting PCO on fire?

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