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Impact recap & reactions (July 27, 2023): The past comes back to haunt Eric Young & Nick Aldis

Eric Young and Nick Aldis have history with each other over the years in TNA and Impact. They decided to mix it up one more time to honor tradition on Impact Wrestling (July 27, 2023). Unfortunately, history came back to haunt Young and Aldis in very different ways.

Aldis was feeling like cock of the walk. The National Treasure planned to serve Young a slice on humble pie.

Young and Aldis engaged in a competitive affair. Aldis threw the kitchen sink at Young with a superplex, Michinoku driver, and a cloverleaf submission, but Young refused to lose. In the end, Young surprised Aldis with a piledriver for victory.

That finish was very similar with history repeating itself from when Young defeated Aldis on a piledriver to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in 2014.

For Aldis, that could be the end of the line for this current run with Impact. Rumors are hot that Aldis has interest from other top companies. For Young, his latest path has just started in Impact. That much was clear in the aftermath of this bout.

Deaner and Kon rushed the ring to attack Young. Deaner demanded that Kon chokeslam Young over and over again. Deaner added a DDT for insult to injury. The Design sat on the chest of the Designer with a smug grin of satisfaction to close the show.

If you’ll recall, Young was the leader of Violent By Design with Deaner as the primary disciple. That storyline progressed to Deaner stabbing Young in the chest for a murder scene. Young made his surprise return to Impact at Slammiversary, and now this story continues.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the results from Impact Wrestling.

Trinity & Dani Luna defeated Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King. Hot tag to Trinity turning the tide. Luna cleared space by clotheslining King over the ropes. Trinity executed a butt buster on Wilde and secured a fancy pin for the win. Afterward, Deonna Purrazzo entered the ring. Her message was straight to the point. The Virtuosa will have her rematch against Trinity for the Knockouts Championship at Emergence on August 27. (Full details here.)

Bully Ray, Moose, and Brian Myers threatened Lio Rush to pick a side. Moose told Rush to think of it as joining together for a common goal. If the Bad Child doesn’t join them, then it will be bad news for him.

Dango hired John E. Bravo as private security for protection from wild men Scott D’Amore and Santino Marella in power at Impact. Dango tweaked his henchman’s name to Alpha Bravo. (Full details here.)

Loser Leaves Impact: Johnny Swinger defeated Zicky Dice. The comedy bout had callbacks to the Fingerpoke of Doom and Shawn Michaels retiring Ric Flair. Swinger played a fast one in the end. He tricked Dice into thinking he was calling it quits. Swinger said it was Zicky’s time to shine and passed the torch. As Dice was posing, Swinger double-crossed for a clothesline. Swingman scored the winning pin with his feet on the ropes. Swinger earned a world title shot, and Dice was fired. (Full details here.)

Yuya Uemura pinned Kenny King in a tag team match on the BTI pre-show. Santino suggested Yuya could be champion in the future. The silly discussion was lost in translation to set up Yuya versus Joe Hendry versus King for the Impact Digital Media Championship. Hendry had a rematch set, but he agreed to add Yuya in an act of friendship.

Gisele Shaw defeated Masha Slamovich. After Shaw kicked out from a head kick by the Russian, Jai Vidal caused a distraction to prevent the Snowplow. Slamovich took the bait. Killer Kelly ran over to tussle with Vidal with Savannah Evans. Shaw capitalized for a sneaky knee strike to pin Slamovich.

Jake Something came from nothing to build himself into something.

Traci Brooks wanted a piece of Alisha Edwards, but Frankie Kazarian tried to cool down his wife. She is not a wrestler anymore. It’s not worth it.

Alex Shelley & Kushida defeated Moose & Brian Myers. Myers thought he was in control, then Shelley snookered him into a roll-up for victory. Afterward, Bully Ray steamrolled the Time Splitters. Josh Alexander helped the good guys, but the numbers game got him. Lio Rush ran out to pick his side and stomp on Shelley. That led to the surprise arrival of Chris Sabin to clear house.

Alan Angels was not happy about Heath attacking him last week. Angels viewed him as a jealous wannabe rock star.

Zachary Wentz defeated Mike Bailey. Trey Miguel was persistent in cheating to help Wentz. Trey got caught pulling Wentz out of the ring to safety from the tornado kick, so the referee ejected him. Wentz took advantage to spray paint in Bailey’s face behind the ref’s back. A headlock DDT earned the win for the Rascal.

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