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Dango changes John E. Bravo’s name in Impact

Dango brought in backup last week when he was faced with a fight from Santino Marella. The Milan Miracle was ready to strike with the Cobra when John E. Bravo returned to Impact as a hired goon to help Dango win. This week on Impact Wrestling (July 27, 2023), Dango addressed the new alliance with Bravo, and it included a name change.

After insulting innuendo about Santino’s daughter, Dango spoke about why he needs personal security. Impact has a loose cannon boss in Scott D’Amore still thinking he’s a wrestler hitting Canadian Destroyers. Director of Authority Santino thinks he is a judo master who pulls out puppet socks to poke people in the face. Dango needs assurances for his safety, so he doesn’t arrive to his first-class flights with a busted nose.

Dango hyped Bravo as a hardened professional. Bravo trained under Villano VI in Tijuana. (There is no Villano VI.) Bravo also spent six and a half days in Vietnam. (That was on vacation, but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.) Dango then dubbed John E. Bravo as Alpha Bravo.

Watch the clip for yourself to catch some chuckles.

Are you digging Dango’s new moniker for Alpha Bravo?

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