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Josh Alexander is coming for the Impact World Championship, but Lio Rush could use Option C

Josh Alexander surprised the Impact faithful when he came out at the end of the Slammiversary PPV to announce that he is back from injury. Alexander clarified his status in the main event segment of Impact Wrestling (July 20, 2023). The Walking Weapon has eyes on the Impact World Championship, but it may not be so simple as Lio Rush looms with Option C.

The closing promo from Josh Alexander seemed to be a simple idea, then Alex Shelley, Lio Rush, Kushida, Bully Ray, Moose, and Brian Myers all made appearances for chaos to erupt. Alexander started it out by proclaiming he is 100% medically cleared to compete. Doubt crept into his mind during recovery, but then he was fully motivated to return better than ever when seeing Steve Maclin as world champion.

Alexander was hoping to take back the title he never lost from Maclin, but Shelley beat Maclin along the way. Shelley earned the right to take his place among the best in Impact history. However, one question remains. Is Shelley good enough to beat Alexander?

Shelley answered the call. He knew Alexander would want the gold upon return. Shelley wasn’t hiding. He wanted the match to prove it to himself. Shelley was in. Both men agreed to the bout.

Not so fast. Enter Lio Rush. He talked big about crushing Chris Sabin to win the X-Division Championship. Rush may have his eye on the world title as well. And if Rush wants that belt, then he’ll cash in Option C to make Alexander wait in line. (Option C is a clause for the X-Division champion to relinquish the belt in exchange for a world title shot.)

It wouldn’t be so easy for Rush either to claim his chance. Enter Kushida. The Time Splitter earned an X-Division title shot by winning Ultimate X. He declared that there would be no Option C before he gets his match against Rush.

Things got wackier after that. Bully Ray interrupted, well, because he is a blowhard. Bully stood on stage as a distraction for Moose and Brian Myers to attack Alexander, Shelley, and Kushida from behind.

The bad guys held up Shelley while urging Rush to attack the world champ. Rush debated, hesitated, then rolled out of the ring to stand alone. He didn’t have a problem with the sneak attack, but he also wasn’t going to partake.

Impact set up a lot of possible directions in that one segment. How would you like to see the world title scene unfold?

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