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Dango has a new manager in Impact

Dango was set to settle a grudge with Santino Marella during Impact Wrestling (July 20, 2023). Leave it to Dango to get dirty on his way to victory. He was aided by a new manager.

Santino used his judo background to work Dango on the mat with an armbar and a kneebar. Santino rose to his feet for a series of hip tosses like the days of old. Dango relied on cheap tricks to take control. He also worked the lower back, and that paid off when Santino collapsed attempting body slams. Santino pushed through to have victory within his grasp. When Dango missed a flying senton, it was time for the Cobra!

That’s when a mystery person walked down the ramp dressed in riot gear. As he snatched Santino’s Cobra, Dango shoved Santino to collide into the intruder’s helmet. Dango scored the win.

As Dango celebrated with his pal, the helmet was removed to reveal John E. Bravo back on the Impact scene.

Bravo is quite the character. He made his bones on the Impact screen by managing John Morrison and Taya Valkyrie. Bravo was more of a blunderer than a mastermind. He seems like a good fit for Dango.

What’s your initial reaction to John E. Bravo back on TV in Impact by Dango’s side?

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