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Jonathan Gresham teases walking out of Impact

Jonathan Gresham came to Impact with high hopes. Unfortunately, a common theme of his career has reared its head. As a result, Gresham teased walking out of the company.

Gresham requested an interview to speak with Tom Hannifan. Something was on Gresham’s mind, and he couldn’t hold his tongue anymore. He pointed out how there are no limits but also no rules in the X-Division. All other sports have rules, but why isn’t professional wrestling held to the same standard? Gresham worked to bring rules to Ring of Honor. And now he is having the same issue in Impact. Gresham teased that perhaps this environment is not for him and walked out of the scene.

This story could turn into an interesting development in Impact. Gresham led the way for ROH during the COVID era by thriving in the Pure rules division. He even started his own faction, The Foundation, to bring honor back to the company. Gresham rode the momentum from Pure champion to winning the world championship in ROH.

The question becomes how would Gresham’s Pure past tie into the current Impact product. One idea would be going completely rogue to win his matches through any means necessary. Another idea would involve a championship from Impact’s past. What if Gresham resurrected the Grand Championship to mold to his Pure style? The Grand Championship was a short-lived creation from 2016 to 2018. Matches were conducted with rounds for a more sporting feel in theory. Whether or not Impact’s execution was effective is a discussion to be had. Moving forward, rules could be altered to maximize Gresham’s expertise.

Where do you think this Impact story leads for Jonathan Gresham?

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