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Trinity wins Knockouts Championship at Impact Slammiversary

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Trinity (aka Naomi in WWE) came, she saw, she conquered the women’s division in Impact. Trinity felt the glow in her crowning moment by defeating Deonna Purrazzo to win the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary.

The contest started tit for tat in the opening minutes. Purrazzo kicked out of a bridging roll-up to snatch a limb for an armbar, however, Trinity escaped quickly to prevent extension on the submission. When Trinity went on the prowl for the Rear View finisher, Purrazzo grabbed the ropes to stop short inches from Trinity’s posterior attack. The chess match raged on.

Purrazzo rolled out of the ring to slow the pace, but Trinity wouldn’t allow that tactic. She followed for a slingshot corkscrew plancha on the outside and a flying crossbody on the inside. Purrazzo eventually got her way to focus on softening the arm. Trinity shook off the pain for high-energy offense on a Samoan drop and a springboard kick to the face. Trinity went for the Starstruck submission, but Purrazzo rolled it over before pressure was applied. Trinity popped up to crack a head kick. Purrazzo kept her wits to counter a headscissors into a piledriver. Trinity kicked out on the cover to continue the fight.

Purrazzo went to her bread and butter. A knee lift to a side Russian leg sweep to a Fujiwara armbar. Trinity was able to reach the ropes before too much damage was done.

Trinity rallied with a high kick, a slingshot facebuster, and a split-legged moonsault. Purrazzo kicked out.

The next major move came courtesy of Purrazzo with a Gotch piledriver on the apron. Purrazzo rushed to get Trinity in position for a pin, but it wasn’t enough to keep her down for the three-count.

The climax came when battling on the turnbuckles. Trinity gained the upper hand for an avalanche butt buster sending shock waves up Purrazzo’s spine. Trinity locked in the Starstruck submission. She added extra force by tying Purrazzo’s legs into a pretzel and crunching her like an accordion. Purrazzo tapped out in defeat. Trinity is the new Knockouts champion.

Backstage, Trinity was elated to be living the dream. Winning the Knockouts Championship was a surreal feeling.

What are you hoping to see from Trinity’s reign with the Knockouts Championship? Which feuds would interest you most?

The Slammiversary replay is available for streaming through Fite TV.

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