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Lio Rush squashes Chris Sabin to win Impact X-Division Championship

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Lio Rush said he would show Chris Sabin why he is called the Bad Child. Rush fulfilled that promise by squashing Sabin to win the X-Division Championship at Slammiversary.

To be fair to Sabin, Rush didn’t fight clean. He attacked with a handstand kick as Sabin was entering the ring during his introduction. Rush followed for a suicide dive.

Sabin went down hard clutching his head. The ringside physician checked on Sabin’s condition. He recommended that the referee wave off the match before it even started. Sabin was in no mood to listen and shoved the doctor out of the way.

Sabin entered the ring, and the bell rang to officially start the match. Rush charged for a dropkick as Sabin was trying to take his jacket off. Rush connected on a spinning kick to the head and a flying jackknife splash. Sabin surprisingly kicked out on the cover. Rush landed a second jackknife splash. Sabin did not kick out that time. Rush is the new X-Division champion.

Backstage, Rush gloated in victory. It is time for the Man of the Hour.

How surprised are you at how the X-Division Championship match unfolded?

The Slammiversary replay is available for streaming through Fite TV.

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