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Eric Young revealed as Scott D’Amore’s mystery partner at Impact Slammiversary

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Eric Young is back from the dead!

Young made a surprise return to Impact as Scott D’Amore’s mystery partner at Slammiversary. Last we saw Young on screen in Impact, he was violently stabbed to death by Deaner. Good thing that Impact plays fast and loose with mortality, because D’Amore needed Young for a Team Canada reunion.

All jokes aside, I’m not entirely sure that Young was killed by Deaner. It is conceivable that he stayed alive long enough to receive medical attention. Young returned as a regular person and not some freakazoid zombie from the Undead Realm. Young’s murder scene was a way to write him off screen to sign with WWE. The contract with WWE does not appear to be in order any longer.

Enough of the past. Let’s move forward to the match.

This fight was focused around the grudge between D’Amore and Bully Ray. Bully had Deaner by his side after Steve Maclin was pulled due to injury. PCO was originally supposed to be D’Amore’s partner, but the French-Canadian Frankenstein was unable to compete after being lit on fire by Bully and Maclin. D’Amore needed a new partner, and that’s where Young came into the picture.

D’Amore was feeling froggy for his first match back in 17 years. D’Amore hit a jumping leg lariat and landed a leg drop in his opening exchange.

It wasn’t all peaches and cream for D’Amore. Bully took the action outside to pound D’Amore in front of his mother, who was seated in the front row. D’Mama swung a punch at Bully, but he was just out of reach.

When D’Amore fired up, Bully struck a low blow on purpose in front of the referee. Young didn’t want a disqualification, so the ref was conflicted about letting the match continue. When Bully bullied the referee, the ref took off his shirt and bailed on the match. Special enforcer Darren McCarty, former NHL player with the Detroit Red Wings, put on the stripes to become official in charge.

Bully was clowning around and that opened the opportunity for D’Amore to hit a spear. Hot tag to Young to crush Deaner on a piledriver. 1, 2, Kon pulled ref McCarty out of the ring.

Kon grabbed Young, but Team Canada mate A1 hopped the barricade from sitting in the front row to clothesline Kon over the ropes.

McCarty hit a stunner on Bully, and Young body slammed Bully. They held open his legs for D’Amore to land a flying headbutt to the groin. Bully screamed in pain, “My balls!”

Get the tables. D’Amore and McCarty teamed for a double chokeslam to Bully through the table.

Deaner tried a sneak attack with the Canadian flag, but D’Amore ducked and fired back for a Canadian Destroyer.

Young leaped high and far to finish with a flying elbow drop on Deaner. Team Canada was victorious. This match was ridiculous and cheesy in a fun way. D’Amore should be proud of his performance in what could end up being his final bout in the ring.

Backstage, D’Amore was glad that he handled business with Bully. He brought Bully back to Impact with the idea of being a mentor for the locker room. Bully’s obsession with selfish desires ruined that plan. D’Amore wanted to prove a point that the Impact roster is family. It only took one call for Young to have his family’s back. Team Canada forever!

The Slammiversary replay is available for streaming through Fite TV.

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