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Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly win Impact women’s tag titles and announce new team name

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Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly have proven to be a formidable team in the Impact women’s tag team division by winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championship in their first match together.

Slamovich & Kelly took on the Coven duo of Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King at Slammiversary. The Russian and Portuguese controlled the flow early with an aggressive pace. The Coven choked Kelly in the ropes to isolate the killer. King executed a rolling senton, but she missed the mark on a flying attack. Kelly capitalized for the hot tag to Slamovich.

Slamovich buzzsawed through the witches. As “Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt stated on commentary, Slamovich has arms like a hammer and legs like a scythe. Slamovich clobbered the Coven with wicked kicks and spinning back fists.

The Coven came back for a Codebreaker to German suplex combo.

Kelly was the spark plug for victory. A headbutt stunned Wilde so Kelly could execute a butterfly suplex into the corner. Slamovich nailed a missile dropkick to send King packing. The Coven had one more rally in them. Wilde connected on a swinging neckbreaker, but Slamovich kicked out on the cover. When the Coven went for a teamwork attack, Kelly wisely pulled King out of the ring to prevent execution. Slamovich countered Wilde for the Snow Plow to win.

Now that Slamovich and Kelly are champs, surely they need a team name.

Ask and you shall receive. Slamovich and Kelly revealed their team name to be MK Ultra.

The Slammiversary replay is available for streaming through Fite TV.

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