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Free agent returns to Impact, NJPW wrestler wins Ultimate X at Slammiversary

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Jake Something returned to Impact for Ultimate X at Slammivsersary, but it was an NJPW wrestler who won the match.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey, Jonathan Gresham, Kushida, Kevin Knight, and Alan Angels were set to compete in Ultimate X, then Jake made a surprise return to join the match. Jake had been a regular for Impact from 2018 to 2022 before leaving to test free agency.

The concept of Ultimate X is to showcase high-octane X-Division athleticism. Ropes hang high above the ring in an X with an X object hanging the middle. Wrestlers must unhook the X and drop down to the mat holding the object to win. Think of the rules to victory as similar to a ladder match.

Jake worked the powerhouse role by smashing the competition to start the match. He cleaned house and powerbombed Knight over the ropes onto the pile below.

Ultimate X is known for wild highlights. Bailey had the top spot of the match by climbing the structure for an ultimate moonsault onto the bodies below. Commentary claimed he was nearly twenty feet above the floor.

In another cool spot, Angels hung onto the ropes above to deliver an avalanche reverse rana to Knight.

Down the stretch, Angels got dirty. He mule kicked Gresham in the groin. He leaped for a flying low blow to Jake hanging on the upper ropes. Angels and Kushida were in a race to reach the X center. Bailey was closing in on Angels from behind, so Angels kicked him in the crotch too. Bailey fell down to the mat. Kushida was able to punch Angels enough to knock him down. Kushida was all alone and unhooked the X. That victory earned a future X-Division title shot for the NJPW wrestler.

Kushida celebrated backstage by wearing the X like a necklace. The Time Splitter never dies. Kushida was 100% confident that he will win the X-Division Championship.

Are you happy to see Jake Something return to Impact? What odds do you give Kushida of winning the X-Division Championship?

The Slammiversary replay is available for streaming through Fite TV.

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