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Zachary Wentz wins return match in Impact, gets shafted for tag title shot

Zachary Wentz made a surprise return to Impact two weeks ago to reunite with Rascalz mate Trey Miguel. A little fast talking put them in position to earn a tag team title shot, or so they thought. Even though Wentz scored a victory, he was shafted out of the championship opportunity.

Last week, the Rascalz wanted in on the Impact World Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary on July 15. Ace Austin & Chris Bey are set to defend in a four-way against Moose & Brian Myers, Sami Callihan & Rich Swann, and Subculture. Wentz proposed that if he can beat Bey, then the Rascalz get added to the PPV contest.

This week on Impact Wrestling (July 13, 2023), the Rascalz got rascally against Bullet Club’s ABC. Trey and Ace were ringside for the singles match between Wentz and Bey. Trey was trifling on the apron, so Ace pulled him down. Trey ducked a clothesline to thumb Ace in the eye. A superkick blasted Ace down to the floor. Bey swooped in for a dropkick through the ropes to Trey. Bey skinned the cat lifting himself back into the ring. As the referee was restoring order, Wentz struck with a foreign object to Bey’s midsection. A headlock DDT earned the win.

Backstage, the Rascalz approached Director of Authority Santino Marella to make their presence official for Slammiversary. One small problem though. Santino never agreed to that side bet between the Rascalz and ABC. He laid down the law to deny their request.

Wentz went on an emotional roller coaster from winning his return match in Impact to getting the shaft for the tag title shot. Dreams of gold are put on hold.

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