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Joe Hendry blames Dango’s heel turn on being rejected by Summer Rae and Eva Marie on Total Divas

Dango has a dirty new attitude after he admitted to being the mystery attacker of Santino Marella. That aggression will not go unchecked, so Joe Hendry used his 252 pounds of pure motivation to figure out why Dango has changed.

Impact aired Dango’s latest ramblings about his hatred of professional wrestling prior to his rematch with Hendry for the Impact Digital Media Championship at Against All Odds (match card) on Friday, June 9.

Dango played the role of jester, because he was getting paid a load of money. The dancer invested that cash to acquire financial security, so he doesn’t have to be the fool any longer. Dango only shows up to Impact, because they keep paying him. If any company wants to pay Dango to sit on the sidelines, then he’ll be the best employee they ever had. He won’t air grievances on Twitter, and they’ll never hear from him.

Hendry felt the need to crack the case on Dango by creating a song. Hendry is no stranger to tunes as he used the power of music to cut down Moose and Matt Cardona. He traced Dango’s frustrations back to being rejected by Summer Rae and Eva Marie when he was trying to get laid on Total Divas.

Total Divas had storylines of Summer and Eva testing their romantic chemistry with Fandango only to decline his sweet talk. Here’s a taste when Summer asked Dango out on a date.

And since we’re enjoying blasts from the past, that Hendry segment ended with Santino hitting the Cobra on Sheldon Jean. Sonna ma gun!

What do you think of Joe Hendry’s assessment on Dango’s mental state? How do you rate Hendry’s latest salacious song?

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