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Impact is giving a former WWE NXT star a second chance (SPOILERS)

During Impact Wrestling’s television taping last night (June 23) in Atlanta, Trey Miguel was trying to reclaim the X-Division title from Chris Sabin. Things weren’t going well, but before the Motor City Machine Gun could finish Miguel off, someone slid into the ring and blasted him with a knee.

That someone was Zachary Wentz.

Along with Dezmond Xavier Wentz and Miguel rose to fame as The Rascalz. Their run as a trio ended when WWE signed Wentz & Xavier in 2020 and renamed them Nash Carter & Wes Lee. Lee is still with WWE, where he’s the reigning NXT North American champion.

Wentz, you’ll likely recall, was released by WWE last April after his wife at the time — recently retired wrestler Kimberly “Kimber Lee” Frankele — accused him of domestic abuse, and posted a picture of him posing as Hitler. The 29 year old apologized, explaining as others had that the photo was from 2015 and that he now realized that there was nothing funny about it, something that educating himself on the Holocaust helped him with. Friends like Lee’s wife also defended Wentz against Frankele’s abuse allegations, and no legal action was ever taken on them. Others, like AEW World champ MJF, have vouched for his character. Wentz is currently in a relationship with NXT wrestler Gigi Dolin.

Now he’s getting another chance with a televised wrestling promotion.

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