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Bully Ray’s mental health is declining due to atrocious management at Impact

His name is Bully Ray, and he is a victim.

Bully had a bone to pick after Scott D’Amore violently attacked him with a chair at Against All Odds in the middle of a #1 contender match. He even sent an official complaint to the Anthem board of directors requesting justice. Bully came out during the Impact Wrestling broadcast to demand answers.

Due to D’Amore’s heinous actions, poor Bully has been made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace. He is a victim of atrocious management in Impact, he is a victim of unnecessary violence, and he is a victim of the system. Bully’s mental health is declining.

D’Amore answered the call to give some answers. It was strongly advised that the Impact president take a leave of absence. A big grin flashed across Bully’s face. It was music to his ears. D’Amore wasn’t finished saying his piece. He actually agrees with the decision. If D’Amore was still president, then he couldn’t do this... D’Amore tackled Bully and pounded punches.

Steve Maclin rushed into the ring for a beatdown on D’Amore. He also hates D’Amore and puts the blame on him for losing the Impact World Championship. Bully and Maclin were ready to serve justice with a pair of chairs, then the lights went out. Lights on, and PCO was in the ring. The bad guys whacked the French-Canadian Frankenstein, but the monster wouldn’t go down. PCO fired up and punched a chair into Bully’s face. D’Amore helped clear the ring.

D’Amore had one more bit of news. He also arranged a match for Slammiversary. D’Amore will team with PCO in tag team action against Bully and Maclin.

To be clear, Bully is full of shit. He has been a prime scumbag ever since returning to Impact. Even though D’Amore did overstep his bounds of power, Bully still deserved it. Bully playing the victim was rich and made this segment a hoot of hilarity.

The card so far for Slammiversary on July 15 includes:

  • Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Nick Aldis
  • Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Trinity
  • Bully Ray & Steve Maclin vs. Scott D’Amore & PCO

Does this story with Bully Ray have your interest?

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