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Nick Aldis is the #1 contender for the Impact world title at Slammiversary

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Nick Aldis was clear about his goals in returning to Impact. It has always been about winning the Impact World Championship. Aldis was content to prove his value climbing up the ladder. The National Treasure did the work to earn his shot by winning a #1 contender match at Against All Odds (June 9, 2023).

Impact introduced a new match format for the occasion. The concept for the 8-4-1 match was an 8-man tag with the winners advancing to a 4-way and the final victor becoming #1 contender for a world title shot at Slammiversary on July 15.

Teams for the 8-man tag were Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham, Heath, & Nick Aldis against Moose, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Rich Swann, & PCO. It was a hectic duel with so much top-class talent. The closing sequence revolved around Moose and his spear. Swann had Gresham in position for a handspring cutter, but the Octopus blocked to grip a waistlock. Moose charged, Gresham dodged, and Swann ate the spear from his teammate. Moose charged again for a spear, Gresham dodged again, and Moose went through the ropes to the outside. Gresham scurried over to pin Swann to earn victory for his team.

Bully, Gresham, Heath, and Aldis competed in the 4-way. It was every man for himself, to an extent. Gresham, Heath, and Aldis all hated Bully and teamed up on that scumbag for a flying headbutt to the crotch.

Bully’s night only got more difficult from there. He separated Gresham from the field and had a chair with bad intentions on his mind. Impact head honcho Scott D’Amore made a surprise return to grab the chair. Bully taunted D’Amore to hit him, so D’Amore eventually obliged to whack Bully in the back.

The match came down to Gresham, Heath, and Aldis. Gresham secured a leg submission on Heath. Aldis crashed down for a flying elbow drop landing on both men. That impact broke the submission.

Aldis picked up where Gresham left off and pounced for a cloverleaf on Heath to become #1 contender.

Aldis has a date with Alex Shelley at Slammiversary. Yes, you read that right. Shelley defeated Steve Maclin to win the Impact World Championship (full details) in the main event of Against All Odds.

The Slammiversary card so far includes:

  • Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Nick Aldis
  • Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Trinity

The Against All Odds replay is available for viewing through on IMPACT Plus, YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders and Fite TV.

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