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Detective Dango suspects Mike Tenay as mystery attacker of Santino Marella

There is yet another mystery in the Impact Zone. This current case revolves around someone attacking Director of Authority Santino Marella. Fear not, though. Detective Dango is on the case.

Last week, Marella was attacked backstage for the second time. The first occasion was assumed to be Sami Callihan and the Design, and that led to Santino returning to the ring at Rebellion to take care of matters. This second time had a few clues to suggest a different perpetrator of violence.

Dango called in help from Joe Hendry to review his suspect board. Unfortunately, Dango lost the tuft of hair evidence, so he was on his own with theories. One idea pointed to Mike Tenay as the attacker. Hendry was more level-headed in analysis and suggested they investigate Trey Miguel. Dango was impressed by Hendry and proclaimed him to be the best partner a man could ask for in life and in wrestling. Dango said this while staring at a photo of Tyler Breeze.

The detecting duo interrogated Trey. The X-Division champ flipped the script to accuse Dango, since Dango has the most to gain as a DOA replacement for Santino. Hendry refocused to check Trey’s scalp for missing hair. No dice. Hendry cleared Trey of potential wrongdoing. Dango wouldn’t let Trey off so easily though. He suggested that Trey shaved his entire body to hide the trail. When Trey inquired if Dango was suggesting he attacked Santino butt naked, the answer was yes.

This is a hoot of hilarity, and it’s only been one week of Detective Dango. The clear references to Fashion Files make it all the more glorious.

What was your favorite little nugget from these scenes?

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