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Bully Ray powerbombs Impact boss through a flaming table in wild angle

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Impact fired up a hot angle at the end of Under Siege, and it was Bully Ray who ignited the flame.

Steve Maclin triumphed over PCO in a bloody main event to retain the Impact World Championship. Maclin demanded that head honcho Scott D’Amore honor his word and strap the title around the champ’s waist. D’Amore sullenly did as he was told.

D’Amore offered a handshake to resume their working relationship. Maclin rudely declined. As Maclin was gabbing from afar, an intruder snuck into the ring behind D’Amore. It was that scumbag Bully Ray!

Bully pulled out a belt to choke D’Amore from behind. Maclin stood there watching without concern for D’Amore. When Bully requested that Maclin get the tables, the champ smiled at the great idea.

Bully pulled out lighter fluid and squirted D’Amore. Matthew Rehwoldt (fka Aiden English) stood up from commentary to courageously intervene. Tom Hannifan (fka Tom Phillips) cowardly remained seated. The Drama King stood no match for Bully. The scumbag sprayed the flammable liquid on Rehwoldt too.

PCO was revived and entered the ring. Maclin and Bully put him down with the numbers advantage. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley ran in to save D’Amore, but they also met the same fate of being punched in the mouth.

Back to business at hand. Bully soaked the table with lighter fluid and lit it on fire. Maclin lifted D’Amore for Bully to powerbomb through the flaming table.

Bully shouted at D’Amore’s carcass that it was his fault for signing Bully back to Impact. Bully is never leaving. He will take the whole company down with him. Bully raised Maclin’s arm as world champion.

Damn! That angle was bonkers. It is the type of story that will have fans eagerly awaiting until Thursday night for the TV follow-up on Impact Wrestling. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Why did Bully single out D’Amore with such malice and violence? How much are Maclin and Bully in cahoots? It didn’t seem like a partnership. Maclin reacted more as an opportunity of convenience to punish D’Amore. Bully wasn’t fully trusting of Maclin either. No doubt Bully still has eyes for the Impact World Championship.

This angle also adds a higher level of attraction for Maclin as top dog. Due to Josh Alexander’s injury forcing him to vacate the belt, Maclin’s original title win felt like filler. After Maclin’s badass victory over PCO and this crazy scene with Bully, Maclin can take center stage and Alexander fades from memory until his return. That is necessary for Maclin to receive the respect he deserves. And maybe the long story will be Alexander saving the company, but there a lot of quality options in Shelley, Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, and Nick Aldis to take down Maclin.

Bottom line is that Impact has created a super hot angle that can carry the company.

The Under Siege replay is available through IMPACT Plus, YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders, and Fite TV.

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