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Dirty Dango turns heel against nerds in the wrestling locker room

The erotic dancing, hip gyrating fashion icon known as Dango has turned to the heel side in Impact. After being exposed as the mystery attacker on Santino Marella, Dango had some explaining to do.

Dango wore his dirtiest shirt to address the world. This video is worth watching. The reboot of the Dango character is fantastic.

Dango grew up in the Attitude Era, and now it feels like the Gratitude Era. Wrestlers are just happy to be in the Impact locker room. They’re not trying to be stars or take spots. They are too busy on their phones. They care more about social media likes for their matches than the live crowd reaction.

Dango laughed off the notion that this might get him heat with the boys. Maybe it would be different if the locker room was full of men, like when he started in the business. Nobody will say anything to his face, but they might tweet at him later.

People pay money to see stars, and that is what Dango is. He can talk, he looks good, and he can perform in the ring. He’s money. People don’t pay money to see arm drags. They pay to see arms like Dango’s.

Dango had good reason to attack Santino. When Santino pulled out the cobra, Dango realized that they are stuck playing the jester over and over again. It isn’t 2010 anymore.

At first, Dango liked Joe Hendry, but he turned out to be a nerd. Dango found the idea amusing if he were to win the Impact Digital Media Championship from Hendry. Dango will get his chance on the Under Siege pre-show.

What’s your take on Dango’s new direction?

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