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Rosemary gets a new character makeover in Impact

Rosemary has been a fixture in the Knockouts division since 2016. The Demon Assassin was due for a refresh in Impact. Say goodbye to Rosemary, and say hello to Courtney Rush.


Don’t fret, all you Rosemary fans. This is part of a storyline which may end with Rosemary returning in time. For now, give your energy to Rush.

Rosemary had ventured into the Undead Realm to investigate the disappearance of Taya Valkyrie. She promised Jessicka (Havok) to return before the sands run out in the hourglass. The last few grains were nearing passage, but Jessicka had a match against a witch.

Jessicka was too preoccupied to compete with the Coven. KiLynn King provided distractions for Taylor Wilde to earn a quick win. The Coven stomped Jessicka after the match. That’s when Rush arrived for a shocking transformation from Rosemary. Rush cleared the ring and shared a hugging embrace with Jessicka.

Backstage, Rush explained the situation. Rosemary was using her body as a vessel in a mutual agreement. Rush didn’t know why she was there or what happened to Rosemary. She just knew it was adventure time. Jessicka was happy to tag along, and Rush joined the Death Dollz.

The new version of the Death Dollz will be in tag team action against the Coven on the Under Siege pre-show.

This is a fun development. Courtney Rush is the wrestling name Rosemary used before signing with Impact. Ever since Havok turned into Jessicka, I’ve been wanting to see the same for Rosemary. Just as an experiment to see what chaotic mischief they would get into while drinking bottomless mimosas. This gives Rosemary a fresh slate as a different, albeit similar, character in Rush. When the time comes, Rosemary can return to a hero’s pop.

What is your reaction to Rosemary turning into Courtney Rush?

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