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Impact recap & reactions (May 18, 2023): Steve Maclin tries to break PCO’s back, make him humble

Steve Maclin took a page from the Iron Sheik’s book during Impact Wrestling (May 18, 2023). Maclin has a date at Under Siege on May 26 to defend the Impact World Championship against PCO. Mr. Mayhem decided to take matters into his own hands to break PCO’s back and make him humble.

No, the camel clutch was not involved. It was even worse. Maclin recruited Champagne Singh and Shera for a backstage attack, then the champ used a sledgehammer to shatter cement blocks on PCO’s spine. The French-Canadian Frankenstein screamed in agony.

Damn, that was vicious. There has been no update yet from Impact on PCO’s health status. Presumably, PCO will be ready for Under Siege, because, he is a monster after all. Hook him up to a car battery, and let the voltage flow.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the results from Impact Wrestling.

  • Trey Miguel defeated Laredo Kid. Non-title bout. Trey snatched Laredo’s mask for a cheap roll-up to win. Afterward, Trey demanded respect for his championship reign. He protested to hold up the show. Enter Chris Sabin, who has a title shot at Trey at Under Siege. Sabin taught that punk a lesson about respect. You only get what you give. Trey’s action of spray painting the title belt was a slap of disrespect to the pioneers of the X-Division. Sabin will become the nine-time champ at Under Siege. The challenger ordered the champion to get out of the ring. Trey pouted then exited.
  • Sami Callihan and Rich Swann had a chummy interview reminiscing on their personal history. Brothers will fight, but they always have each other’s back. Callihan still needs one more partner for the trios match against the Design at Under Siege.
  • Jason Hotch defeated Ace Austin. Brian Myers was leading the Good Hands, and their road to the top of the tag team division starts now. Hotch kicked out of a roll-up sending Ace into the ropes, and Myers popped Ace in the kisser. Hotch secured a roll-up for victory.
  • Jordynne Grace wants Deonna Purrazzo to be at her best when they wrestle for the Knockouts Championship at Under Siege. There was a question if Purrazzo was 100% after Grace accidentally clubbered the Virtuosa in last week’s tag team match. Alisha Edwards strolled in claiming Grace hit Purrazzo on purpose.
  • Trinity defeated KiLynn King. It was a tough match, but Trinity pulled out her debut win with the Starstruck submission. Earlier in the show, Jai Vidal relayed a message that Gisele Shaw was not pleased with Trinity. After the match, Vidal informed Trinity that Shaw accepted the open contract challenge at Under Siege. Vidal also tried to sucker slap Trinity, but she walloped Vidal with a high kick. (Full details here.)
  • Jessicka was waiting for Rosemary to return from the Undead Realm, and time was running out. The Coven needled Jessicka and offered to help her enter the Undead Realm. Jessicka didn’t believe their magic was strong enough.
  • Jody Threat defeated Sierra. Threat buzzsawed through her opponent to win via F5.
  • Detective Dango had his eye on Joe Hendry as a suspect in attacking Santino Marella. A scuffle ensued, Dango’s shirt was ripped open, and it was revealed that Dango had a missing patch of chest hair. The only clue from Santino was a tuft of hair from the culprit. Dango smashed Hendry, then Dango admitted to his crime. (Full details here.)
  • Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham, & Yuya Uemura defeated Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Frankie Kazarian. This was a preview for the six-way #1 contender bout at Under Siege. Earlier in the show, Edwards sassed Kaz about being the ring leader for the team. Kaz sarcastically agreed to let Eddie take control. In the match, Edwards and Kaz had trouble working together. Accidental collisions led to arguing. Edwards grabbed Kaz from behind, and Kaz delivered a crushing clothesline out of instinct thinking it was an opponent. Shelley capitalized for the Shell Shock on Edwards to win.

This episode of Impact Wrestling didn’t necessarily have important matches, but the action was rocking nonetheless. Jason Hotch was elevated the most. It’s been clear he has skills, and Impact gave him time to strut against Ace Austin. Even though the win was cheese, it is the exposure of a quality match that will help Hotch and the Good Hands rehab their image to rise from jobber status. The stories continue to chug along to Under Siege and beyond for a productive show.

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