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Dango reveals identity of Santino Marella’s mystery attacker

A case never goes cold when Dango is in detective mode. His current mystery was figuring out who attacked Santino Marella.

Dango made headway by clearing Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice. After wrestling Swinger last week, it was clear to Dango that they were too incompetent to hatch this scheme. One thing those doofuses said stuck in Dango’s mind.

Dango began to question his best friend, Joe Hendry. Dango accused Hendry of being an egomaniac with a clear motive when Santino stole the thunder in their six-man tag at Rebellion.

Hendry proclaimed that notion to be absolutely false. He was tired of wasting his time with this investigation, so he tried to leave. Dango grabbed Hendry, a tussle ensued, and Dango’s shirt ripped open to reveal a patch of missing chest hair. One of the original clues was a tuft of hair, which Dango conveniently lost as evidence.

Hendry pointed the finger at Dango as the perpetrator. Dango claimed he shaved his hair in a doctor’s thing for a third nipple. Dango panicked and smashed Hendry into the wall. That’s when Dango revealed the identity of the mystery attacker. It was Dango. Case closed.

Watch the calamity for yourself.

Well, the Detective Dango story arc was enjoyable while it lasted. The drama isn’t over just yet. Surely Dango will have to deal with Hendry and Santino in the ring for future matches. And now the rise of evil Dango begins.

Were you caught by surprise with Dango as the big reveal?

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