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Impact reveals mystery driver behind hit-and-run on French-Canadian Frankenstein

Impact loves a good mystery. The latest one revolved around a hit-and-run on the French-Canadian Frankenstein to save Eddie Edwards from being buried alive in the desert.

Kenny King was teased as the driver running over PCO, but that notion was silenced when King and Edwards had a minor falling-out during Impact Wrestling. King had Edwards’ back before, but Edwards did not return the favor. King decided to move on to other things, such as joining Bully Ray for the Hardcore War against Tommy Dreamer at the Rebellion PPV on April 16. That left Edwards in a pickle for his singles bout against an angry PCO. King sarcastically suggested that Edwards phone his pal that was behind the wheel when mowing down the monster.

During the climax of the match, Eddie was in trouble. PCO climbed the turnbuckles ready to fly for his moonsault finisher. That’s when Alisha Edwards ran down to the ring. She pleaded with PCO not to hurt her husband any more. Alisha has been a babyface as of late, so there was nothing fishy to suspect. A loving wife would do that for her man. Well, think again. Once PCO turned around, she hit him with a kendo stick. Eddie pounced for a buckle bomb and Boston Knee Party to win. Alisha mocked the crowd to cement her heel turn.

Monsters never die. PCO rose up and chased the Edwards couple out of the arena. They sped of in what was presumably the same vehicle from the hit-and-run.

That mystery is solved. Impact is stating that Alisha was the driver. This was a bit of a surprise, since they were having marital strife over Alisha’s disapproval of Eddie’s antics with Honor No More. Once that grouped dissolved, Eddie tried to put that drama behind him, but it wasn’t 100% clear where Alisha stood with her support. Now we know. Alisha definitely proved that she is ride or die with Eddie.

Impact made the full match available for your viewing pleasure.

What’s your take on the latest developments in the feud between Eddie Edwards and PCO?

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