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Former NHL enforcer Darren McCarty wins Impact debut against Bully Ray’s team

Darren McCarty knows hockey, and he knows fighting. The former NHL enforcer’s days on the ice are behind him as a four-time Stanley Cup winner with the Detroit Red Wings, but he could have a future in the wrestling ring with Impact. McCarty got off to a strong start with a victory over Bully Ray’s team on Impact Wrestling (Apr. 6, 2023).

This story stems back to the Sacrifice event on March 24 when Bully threw a beer in McCarty’s face, who was in attendance as a wrestling fan. Bully defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Busted Open match, then the scumbag tried to add extra pain after the contest. McCarty hopped the rail to help Dreamer, but the numbers got him. Bully powerbombed McCarty through a table.

McCarty made his pitch to Dreamer to get payback on Bully.

That brings us to Thursday night. McCarty teamed with Dreamer and Yuya Uemura versus Bully, John Skyler, and Jason Hotch. Dreamer and Uemura worked quick tags to take control early. Bully landed a cheap shot knee to the back as Dreamer was running the ropes. The bad hands isolated Dreamer. Once Dreamer was done on the mat, they tagged in Bully for easy pickings. Bully mocked Dreamer’s family to taunt his rival. Bully peppered punches while flapping his gums, then Dreamer fired up for a DDT.

Hot tag to McCarty to clean house with punches and clotheslines. McCarty emptied the ring tossing out Skyler and Hotch. Uemura followed for a slingshot plancha. McCarty called out Bully. They circled with fists up, then Bully bailed from the ring. Skyler took advantage to blindside McCarty from behind.

McCarty sprang back for a punch to the body and a stunner to win.

That was a fun celebrity match. Impact kept it simple for McCarty and allowed him to shine to his strengths.

Would you like to see of Darren McCarty in the Impact Zone?

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