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Nick Aldis delivers first promo in return to Impact

Nick Aldis has returned to Impact Wrestling. The National Treasure took a few minutes to chat with Jimmy Jacobs in his first promo back in the company.

Nick Aldis: Let me take this moment to thank all the fans around the world for the well wishes, the overwhelming support, for my return to where it all began, Impact Wrestling.

And if you need a little refresher course, well, here it is. When I was 21 years old, I walked through the doors of this company with nothing except a lot of potential and a very bad gimmick. Six years I was here. Swimming with the deadliest sharks in the industry, forged in the fire of Impact Wrestling, and I worked my way through every spot on the card to the main events and then to the pinnacle, the world championship. But you know the scary part is, the first time I won that championship, I hadn’t even come close to reaching my full potential. So, I went away, learned a couple of new holds, and then set the standard for what it means to be a worlds champion in the modern era. So, now I’m back.

And like I said at Rebellion, I’ve got my sights firmly set on the world championship, which means they’re set on you, Steve Maclin. Now, Steve, let’s talk about the gravity of this situation for a second. Do you understand what you hold in your hands? The legacy of this company, the recognized symbol of excellence in this sport, the Impact Wrestling World Championship. I know what it feels like to carry that weight. Because you’re carrying the weight of every single person in here, every crew member, every roster member, every fan around the world. And when your legs, as big as they may be, start to wobble just a little bit under that weight, when you start to crumble just a little bit under that weight, you better watch out, because I’m going to be there ready to pounce. Because when I get my shot at the world championship, I’m ready to usher in the Aldis era of Impact Wrestling.

Aldis was on point for his promo. This is an example of how he elevates the world title to feel like a big deal. Aldis did that on a consistent basis when holding the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and now he is giving that same treatment to the Impact World Championship. Aldis adds a touch of class and legitimacy to the Impact Zone.

Even though Aldis’ eyes are set on Steve Maclin, he will have to wait his turn. PCO was granted the world title shot for Under Siege on May 26. That begs the question of who will be Aldis’ first feud while he bides his time. Personally, I can’t help but think Bully Ray deserves an ass-kicking by the way he treated Mickie James. That is a receipt Aldis can cash for his wife.

What’s your take on Nick Aldis’ first promo back in Impact?

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