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Steve Maclin’s first challenger for the Impact World Championship is a perfect Canadian

Steve Maclin won the Impact World Championship at the Rebellion PPV. Thursday night (Apr. 20, 2023) was his first opportunity to speak to the world on the weekly Impact Wrestling broadcast emanating from Toronto, Canada. Maclin exchanged words with head honcho Scott D’Amore, and the champ’s first challenger was set. Maclin will wrestle a perfect Canadian.

Maclin celebrated his accomplishment with a changing of the guard ceremony. All wrestlers were banned from ringside, so he could have his moment in peace. Maclin explained how his mission was clear from day one when arriving to Impact. The objective was to become world champion. Mission accomplished.

Maclin had a second part of the agenda. He wanted to beat the longest-reigning Impact world champion in Josh Alexander’s hometown of Toronto for the title, but that won’t be possible due to injury. Maclin would have settled for beating Alexander anywhere in Canada. That led to Maclin issuing an open challenge to anyone in the locker room, as long as they are Canadian. Maclin proceeded to taunt rowdy Canadian children in the crowd.

Enter D’Amore strutting with Canadian pride. He chided Maclin for his uncanny ability to rewrite history. D’Amore called out Maclin for failing to back up his tough talk when in front of Alexander. He also accused Maclin of ducking the newly returned Nick Aldis.

Maclin was excited for a moment thinking D’Amore would step up. He openly wondered when D’Amore traded in his balls for the producer headset. D’Amore didn’t let that trash talk slide. Emotions can get the best of him, but he rarely makes the same mistake twice. D’Amore announced that Maclin’s first challenger is a perfect Canadian.

Enter PCO (Perfect Creation One). The French-Canadian Frankenstein was held back by security. Maclin safely attacked with the title belt. PCO fired up to wreak havoc. He planted Maclin on a DDT. The champ escaped out of the ring to avoid further harm. PCO turned his attention to tackle two security guards through a table leaning in the corner.

Maclin versus PCO for the Impact World Championship is official for Under Siege on May 26.

Are you hyped for PCO getting the first crack at Maclin as Impact world champion?

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