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Deonna Purrazzo becomes three-time Knockouts champion in Impact Rebellion PPV main event

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Deonna Purrazzo is once again the queen of Impact’s women’s division. The Virtuosa became a three-time Knockouts champion by besting Jordynne Grace in the main event of the Rebellion PPV.

The title was up for grabs after Mickie James relinquished the gold due to injury. Purrazzo and Grace last feuded over the Knockouts Championship in 2020. Purrazzo dethroned Grace to win the title, then she retained in a 30-minute Ironman match. Time for a new chapter in their personal rivalry.

Grace muscled Purrazzo for early control on a suicide dive and jackhammer onto the floor.

Grace continued her powerful attack with a 20-count stalling vertical suplex.

Purrazzo turned the tide by escaping a musclebuster to attack the arm. Grace quickly escaped an armbar, so the Virtuosa pulled out a Koji Clutch from her bag of tricks. Grace went back to her power game for a vertebreaker.

Both women went town throwing fisticuffs. Grace ran into a pump kick then screamed in defiance to show no pain. Purrazzo executed a tilt-a-whirl maneuver into an armbar on impact.

Purrazzo hammered Grace to lock tight the Venus de Milo double armbar. Grace inched toward the ropes to reach with her foot for the break.

Purrazzo was up running only to eat a spinebuster. Grace unleashed clubbing lariats back and forth. Purrazzo tried for a cazadora position, but Grace countered into the Grace Driver. Purrazzo showed grit to kick out of Grace’s finisher.

Grace aimed on executing a superplex. Purrazzo escaped for a sunset powerbomb. The Virtuosa quickly pounced for the Queen’s Gambit piledriver to earn victory. Respect was shown by both competitors after the match.

This was a solid main event building in excitement toward the finish. Impact has a new era of champions at the top of the card, and they happen to reside in the same household. Purrazzo’s husband, Steve Maclin, won the Impact World Championship earlier in the evening.

Get the full results for the Rebellion PPV here. The show is available for streaming through through Fite TV.

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