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Impact Rebellion results: Tommy Dreamer beats Bully Ray in Hardcore War with help from the referees

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Thirty years of friendship between Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray recently disintegrated leading to Hardcore War at the Impact Rebellion PPV.

Dreamer and Bully each lead teams of five into the fight. Dreamer was joined by Frankie Kazarian, Bhupinder Gujjar, Yuya Uemura, and Killer Kelly. Bully had Moose, Brian Myers, Kenny King, and Masha Slamovich by his side.

Rules were similar to War Games without the cage. The first two start alone for three minutes. Alternating teammates enter every ninety seconds. The match can’t end until everybody has entered the contest. Victory is by pinfall or submission. Mooze and Kaz started the battle. The order of entrance was Myers, Gujjar, King, Kelly, Slamovich, Uemura, Bully, and Dreamer.

Kelly and Slamovich were the wildest of them all. Kelly stapled Moose in the crotch then stapled herself in the head.

Myers powerbombed Kelly over the ropes onto a pile below. Slamovich followed holding a chair to her back on a flipping senton.

Once everyone was in the ring, a ten-wrestler submission train left the station. The ladies grabbed chairs to break up the holds. Kelly crushed Slamovich with a Death Valley Driver onto an open chair. The match erupted into signature moves all around. Dreamer mashed Slamovich with a piledriver.

The Good Hands ran in for the save. Kaz and Kelly teamed up for a slingshot cutter sending John Skyler through a table.

Dreamer and Bully were the final two standing. Bully went low for a shot to the groin. He placed Dreamer on a table and climbed a ladder. The ladder was unstable, so Bully ordered the referees to hold it tight. They all hated Bully and ignored his loud mouth. Bully grabbed one ref by the shirt, so all four referees revolted to clobber Bully. Dreamer pounced for a DVD to Bully. He placed his enemy on the table and climbed the ladder. The referees were eager to hold the ladder in place. Dreamer took flight from high above for a splash through the table to win.

Satisfaction. That goes to show that even the biggest scumbag will eventually get his comeuppance.

Get the full results for the Rebellion PPV here. The show is available for streaming through through Fite TV.

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