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PCO dislocates shoulder, pops it back in to win casket match at Impact Rebellion

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PCO claims to be a monster who won’t die. Eddie Edwards aimed to prove that wrong by fighting the French-Canadian Frankenstein in a casket match at the Impact Rebellion PPV.

PCO started with fury to surprise Eddie with a suicide dive cannonball.

Eddie regained control when PCO dislocated his shoulder. Eddie added a pair of suplexes to do extra damage.

PCO exited the ring to ram himself repeatedly into the ring post to pop his shoulder back into place. The shoulder spot was not a real injury, but it added a cool moment for the lore of PCO as a monster that won’t die. He roared back for a reverse DDT and a moonsault.

The match progressed on stage. Eddie grabbed a kendo stick to whack the monster. He added a dragon suplex and a Boston Knee Party. Eddie loaded PCO into the casket, but PCO stuck his foot out to prevent the lid from closing.

The monster rose up to goozle Eddie. Alisha Edwards is ride or die for her husband, so she came out to hit PCO with a shovel. That had zero effect on him. Eddie loaded a superkick, but PCO pulled Alisha into the line of fire. Eddie accidentally kicked his own wife.

PCO hit Eddie with the shovel, then he chokeslammed his rival into the casket. PCO slammed the lid shut for victory.

Get the full results for the Rebellion PPV here. The show is available for streaming through through Fite TV.

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