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Impact Rebellion 2023 live results: Guaranteed new champions

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Impact is in the fighting mood for their Rebellion PPV on Sunday, April 16. Due to injuries to Josh Alexander and Mickie James, both superstars have relinquished their championships. That means there will be a new Impact world champion and a new Knockouts champion crowned on the broadcast. Steve Maclin or Kushida will sit atop the the men’s division, and Deonna Purrazzo or Jordynne Grace will reign over the women’s locker room. Also on tap is Hardcore War with Tommy Dreamer’s scrappy pack against Bully Ray’s band of hooligans, Santino Marella’s return to the ring, the Impact tag titles up for grabs in Ultimate X, and much more.

The Rebellion PPV starts at 8 pm ET on Sunday, April 16 streaming through Fite TV. The free pre-show kicks off at 7:30 pm ET.

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Champagne Singh & Shera defeated Heath & Rhino. Hot tag to Heath running wild. Shera was on the outside and pulled Heath off a roll-up. Singh took advantage of the distraction for a roll-up on Heath. Singh had his feet on the ropes for leverage with Shera holding him in place to secure victory. Afterward, Gore, Gore, Gore! Rhino speared Singh to stand tall.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King retained against Rosemary & Jessicka. Hot tag to Jessicka cleaning house. Tag to Rosemary for a spear on King. Kick out on the cover. The Coven regrouped. Rosemary ducked a big boot, and King inadvertently hit Jessicka off the apron. Wilde snuck in a blind tag as Rosemary speared King again. King was not the legal participant, so the pin didn’t count. Wilde came in from behind for a suplex and a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker to win.


Impact World Tag Team Championship: Ace Austin & Chris Bey retained against Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley in Ultimate X. The rules to win were to climb the Ultimate X structure to retrieve the title belts hanging above the ring. The Motor City Machine Guns utilized a smart strategy. Shelley attacked Bey’s leg, and Sabin attacked Ace’s arm. The idea was to damage the limbs bad enough to prevent climbing. It didn’t work though. The Bullet Club hit their Art of Finesse and The Fold finisher combo on Shelley. Ace popped Bey up into the air to grab the Ultimate X ropes high above. Sabin climbed the structure trying to kick Bey loose. Bey unhooked the belts and dropped them down to Ace for victory.

Santino Marella, Joe Hendry, & Dango defeated Deaner, Angels, Kon, & Callihan. 4-on-3 with all four Design members wrestling in the match. Chaos broke out in the end with moves all around. Deaner flattened Santino with a clothesline. The Design leader ordered Callihan to finish the Director of Authority with a baseball bat. Callihan swerved to hit Deaner instead. The Death Machine ditched the Design. Santino hit the Cobra to win. (Full details here.)

Last Rites match: PCO defeated Eddie Edwards. Casket match rules. Eddie hit Boston Knee Party and shoved PCO into the casket, but the French-Canadian Frankenstein stuck his foot out to block the lid from closing. PCO rose up to goozle Eddie. Alisha Edwards ran out to hit PCO with a shovel. PCO felt no pain. Eddie accidentally superkicked his wife. PCO hit Eddie with the shovel, chokeslammed him into the casket, and closed the lid to win. (Full details here.)

X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel retained against “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham in an elimination three-way. Trey encouraged Bailey and Gresham to fight each other, so he could pick his spots. That strategy failed often when they saw him coming and schooled him. Trey had the right idea, and his persistence paid off. Gresham had Bailey locked in a figure-four. Trey flew in for a Meteora double knees to Gresham for the pin. Gresham was eliminated. Trey battled Bailey back and forth. Bailey had momentum, but he missed the Ultima Weapon finisher. Trey scored a roll-up and grabbed the tights to win.

Hardcore War: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Frankie Kazarian, Bhupinder Gujjar, Yuya Uemura, & Killer Kelly) defeated Team Bully (Bully Ray, Moose, Brian Myers, Kenny King, & Masha Slamovich). War Games rules without the cage. The action was complete mayhem. The finish came down to Dreamer and Bully. The scumbag hit a low blow. He placed Dreamer on a table then tried to climb a ladder. It was wobbly, so Bully ordered the referees to hold it in place. They refused, Bully grabbed one ref, then all four refs started clobbering Bully. Dreamer hit a Death Valley Driver. He loaded Bully onto the table and climbed the ladder. The refs did help Dreamer with the ladder. Dreamer came crashing down for a flying splash off the ladder through the table for the winning pin. (Full details here.)

Nick Aldis returns to Impact! The National Treasure signed a deal, and he arrived as the guest commentator for the world title fight.

Impact World Championship: Steve Maclin defeated Kushida to win the title. Josh Alexander is injured and previously relinquished the championship. Maclin fought through several sticky situation to break free from Kushida’s dangerous Hoverboard Lock. He was able to escape the final one with a suplexing DDT for victory. Afterward, Maclin demanded that Scott D’Amore personally hand him the gold. D’Amore did as he was told, but he refused to place the belt around Maclin’s waist. Maclin hit D’Amore from behind. Aldis entered the ring for a staredown. (Full details here.)

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace to win the title. Mickie James is injured and previously relinquished the championship. Down the stretch, Grace escaped the Venus de Milo double armbar. She rallied for the Grace Driver, but Purrazzo kicked out. Purrazzo countered a superplex into a sunset powerbomb. The new champ finished with the Queen’s Gambit piledriver. (Full details here.)

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