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Bullet Club wins Impact tag titles

Bullet Club is too sweet.

The Impact branch of the NJPW faction did the group proud by winning the Impact tag titles on Thursday night’s episode on Impact Wrestling. Ace Austin and Chris Bey were feeling frisky for a fight, so they called out the Motor City Machine Guns. The Bullet Club had bragging rights after ABC (Ace & Bey Connection) teamed with KENTA to defeat Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, & Kushida in trios action at No Surrender.

Now, Ace and Bey wanted a shot for the Impact World Tag Team Championship. MCMG aren’t ones to back down, so they accepted the challenge for later in the show.

Ace and Bey had early momentum in the main event bout.

It’s important to note that the Motor City Machine Guns worked chippier than their usual babyface style. That was due to the hostile territory of Las Vegas backing Bey as the hometown hero. MCMG isolated Bey to work him over. Bey eventually created an opening for the hot tag to his partner. Ace ran wild leading to a teamwork standing moonsault and standing leg drop combo.

The match progressed with MCMG taking control for a Doomsday Device flying clothesline to Bey. Shelley hit Shellshock, but Bey kicked out on the cover. Shelley then locked in the Border City Stretch submission as drama intensified. Sabin wisely planted Ace on a Cradle Shock to prevent the break. Bey was able to roll the precarious position over to escape.

MCMG thought they had things in order until the Bullet Club made a furious rally. Ace and Bey blasted Sabin with dual spinning head kicks. They had Shelley dazed and picked their spot to close. Ace launched Bey into the air for the Art of Finesse cutter, then Ace followed for The Fold. The 1-2 punch of finishers did the trick as Bey pinned Shelley for victory to win the tag titles.

It is a new era for the Impact tag team division with the Bullet Club as champions.

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