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Tommy Dreamer in tears about having to become the Innovator of Violence once more

The Innovator of Violence is back, and Tommy Dreamer couldn’t be sadder about that.

Dreamer has been driven to the brink of violence by Bully Ray for their feud in Impact. Tensions have risen to the point that the hardcore veterans competed in a Busted Open match at Sacrifice. It was in that match that Bully employed a strategy of emotional manipulation to save his own hide.

Dreamer had a bloodthirsty look in his eyes trying to use a cheese grater on Bully’s forehead. Bully babbled about Dreamer’s daughters seeing this vicious side of their father on television. Dreamer snapped out of his rage with remorse in his heart. Bully then low-blowed Dreamer in the groin.

Backstage in the locker room, Dreamer was full of anger and sorrow at the prospect of unleashing his Innovator of Violence persona.

Here is the transcription as best as I could understand through the crying, mumbling, and fury:

Tommy Dreamer: You got me. You got me again. You prayed on my weakness. My only weakness is my kids.

You think I’m proud of what I used to do? I’m a flawed man, and this business has gotten better from the mistakes that we made. But yet you keep making me make them. I love this stuff with all my heart, and so do the men and women of Impact Wrestling. And you want to be a bully. You want to do everything about yourself, and you use your one thing that I swore I would never do.

You made me say I was the Innovator of Violence, because it’s a word meant with negativity. And I always choose to build people up and not break people down.

You are a hypocrite. I freaking loved you. I went to war with you. And you used my kids against me.

You want the Innovator of Violence. Well, from my POV, I will be the IOV. And I will not be proud of what I do when that IOV means I’m the Innovator of Violence (violently smashing the locker). Because I have hurt myself more than any man can ever do. Because when I try to go to bed at night, I can not sleep. For the scars that are deep inside this head.

Bully Ray, there are no winners when we go to war. And I’m going to take you to war (quiet sobbing).

The next chapter is this story will air April 6 on Impact Wrestling when Dreamer tags with Yuya Uemura and former NHL enforcer Darren McCarty against Bully, John Skyler, and Jason Hotch. Impact’s next PPV is Rebellion on April 16, so that could be the date for war between Dreamer and Bully.

How do you rate this promo on the Dreamer scale? Does it sell you on the return of the Innovator of Violence?

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