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Impact books Bully Ray to fight former NHL enforcer Darren McCarty in official match

Bully Ray is about to get his ass kicked for all the world to see.

At Sacrifice on Saturday night (Mar. 24, 2023), Bully Ray competed in a Busted Open match against Tommy Dreamer. Bully acted the bully during the contest by throwing beer in the face of former NHL player Darren McCarty, who happened to be enjoying the action as a fan in the front row.

One thing led to another, Bully won the the match and wanted to powerbomb Dreamer through a table for good measure. McCarty hopped the rail, but security intervened. Bully told them to let McCarty pass, and it was on. Hockey fight! Bully had the last laugh by powerbombing McCarty through the table. Of course, Bully had help from the Good Hands duo of John Skyler and Jason Hotch.

Watch the scene unfold for yourself.

Impact took things to the next level by booking Bully and McCarty in an official match. Bully will team with the Good Hands against McCarty, Dreamer, and Yuya Uemura. That match will take place March 25 at the TV taping in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It will air on the April 6 episode of Impact Wrestling.

McCarty’s NHL hockey career spanned from 1992 to 2009. He is a four-time Stanley Cup champion with the Detroit Red Wings. McCarty rumbled in 136 fights during his role as enforcer.

Check out McCarty’s handiwork in this tribute video.

Ring the bell, and drop the puck. It’s fight time!

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