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Mickie James bites Masha Slamovich’s tongue in Knockouts title match

Mickie James was in for a fight when stepping in the ring against Masha Slamovich with the Knockouts Championship on the line at No Surrender. James proved a country girl can survive, and she did it hardcore by biting Slamovich’s tongue.

James worked the left arm early. Slamovich powered through for a rear naked choke. James used a snapmare takeover to escape and unloaded a barrage of kicks. Slamovich was dazed, so James went for her jumping DDT finisher. Slamovich blocked and slammed James into the ropes. That was the essence of the match. James often going for the jumping DDT and Slamovich often using a rear naked choke with neither being able to execute cleanly.

Slamovich took control with sledgehammer punches in mount. Slamovich licked James’ face to taunt her prey, so Hardcore Country bit the Russian’s tongue.

As the match progressed, James gained momentum with a flapjack and flying seated senton. When James went for the jumping DDT, Slamovich escaped and threw a spinning backfist. James ducked and countered with a spinning high kick. James went for the DDT again. This time, Slamovich countered for a belly-to-back piledriver. Kick out by James.

Slamovich poured on hard strikes. James ducked a head kick to go low for a single-leg crab. Slamovich reached the ropes for the break. Slamovich regained control for a rear naked choke. James lunged into the ropes for the quick break. Slamovich released then grabbed the choke again through the ropes. She squeezed all five seconds before the mandatory break.

Slamovich maintained pressure with running attacks in the corner. She went one too many, and James dodged out. The competitors tussled in the corner with Slamovich going for a monkey flip. James sat down on it to trap Slamovich’s shoulders on the mat for the three-count.

James retained the Knockouts title. She is on her way to becoming the greatest women’s champion in Impact history.

Who else would you like to see Mickie James conquer in Impact? What was your reaction to the tongue bite?

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