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Bully Ray throws hot coffee in Tommy Dreamer’s face, leads to match stipulation

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray are men of violence. But they are old men of violence. Neither man truly wanted to go down that path one more time to settle their feud physically, so Impact booked a confrontation to be settled with words in Busted Open Live on Feb. 24’s No Surrender. To the surprise of no one, words turned to violence when Bully threw hot coffee in Dreamer’s face.

The segment was moderated by Busted Open lead host Dave LaGreca. The setup was a podium for LaGreca, Dreamer and Bully with their own microphones, one minute to speak uninterrupted, then a rebuttal window. Bully earned the right to speak first after winning a Beat the Clock challenge earlier in the week.

Bully milked his time with a dramatic pause. He was hesitant to speak, then said, “I’m sorry.” Dreamer laughed it off as insincere. He chastised Bully for making fun of his dying mother.

Bully agreed that he went too far saying horrible things. It hit home when watching an NWO documentary with Kevin Nash talking about Scott Hall. It was the first documentary Nash had to do without Hall. That caused Bully to think about his friendship with Dreamer. God forbid if one of them died suddenly with bad blood still lingering. It is better to work out their issues than deal with that regret. Bully would rather stay on good terms with Dreamer. He doesn’t want to be in a situation of his best friend dying without making amends.

Dreamer declared that this feud has gone too far for apologies. They can each go their own way in peace. Dreamer thanked Bully for the sentiment. That must have been hard to admit for someone like Bully. Dreamer appreciated the effort.

All seemed settled, until it wasn’t.

Splash! Bully threw hot coffee in Dreamer’s face. Bully shouted in anger about Dreamer saying, “someone like you.” He demanded to know what that was supposed to mean. Dreamer didn’t answer, because he was writhing in pain from the steaming beverage scalding his skin.

And so, the feud between Bully and Dreamer continues. At least this chat wasn’t for naught. It did lead to a stipulation for a future match.

Backstage, Dreamer passionately explained how he doesn’t want to revisit his violent past. Bully has forced his hand though. Dreamer challenged Bully to a Busted Open Match, which sounds like a first blood match.

What’s your reaction to the drama between Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray at No Surrender?

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