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Impact Monster’s Ball match had barbed wire, thumbtack snow angels, and tribute to Abyss

The Monster’s Ball match is known for insanity and violence. That is only fitting as the signature match for Abyss. Impact brought back the concept to settle beef between Crazzy Steve and Trey Miguel for the X-Division Championship on the main event of Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. It did not disappoint.

Trey and Steve were locked in rooms 24 hours prior to the hardcore fight with no food, no water, and no light. When the time came, the champion and the challenger were ushered into the Impact Zone.

The action was aggressive from the start. Things went into torture territory when the staple gun was introduced. Trey had a trashcan ready to smash Steve’s head, but Steve was quicker to the draw to shoot a staple into Trey’s crotch. Steve followed up by placing a trashcan over Trey and hitting a running cannonball into the corner.

The next wild moment occurred when Trey pulled out the trusty sack of tacks. That plan backfired when Steve paid tribute to Abyss with the Black Hole Slam on the tacks.

Steve went for the pin. 1, 2, Steve pulled Trey up to dish out more pain. He shouted, “I hope this hurts you forever,” then wailed with a trashcan onto Trey’s back driving the tacks deeper into his skin.

The tacks were back in play when a double clothesline planted both men onto the pile. Trey and Steve rolled out of the ring to retrieve weapons. Trey thought he had the upper hand with a steel spike. Nope. Steve pulled out a board filled with nails, which was affectionately named Janice as Abyss’ preferred method of brutality. Trey and Steve swung wildly, dodged attacks, then Steve picked up Trey for a Death Valley Driver through a table.

As the match progressed, Steve launched for a flying Destroyer onto the tacks. Steve reveled in the craziness by doing snow angels in the tacks while cackling with laughter.

Janice wasn’t just for show. Steve used the weapon to grate on Trey’s forehead. Steve pointed to a barbed wire board set up outside the ring. On the apron, Trey blocked what Steve had planned to whack a low blow. Trey took advantage for a rolling cutter through the barbed wire.

Trey loaded Steve into the ring for the one, two, three to retain the X-Division title. Once Steve regained his wits, he laughed at the fun time in Monster’s Ball.

Do you think that this Monster’s Ball match lived up to its reputation?

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