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Will Ospreay gets his wish to step foot in a TNA ring

Will Ospreay has a soft spot in his heart for TNA. Flicking through channels as a 14-year-old, he landed on a triple-threat match between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels. That match made Ospreay want to become a professional wrestler.

As the company progressed over time, TNA changed to Impact Wrestling. Ospreay was able to compete in an Impact ring, a handful of times in 2016 and a return in 2023 for match of the year contenders against “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Josh Alexander.

Ospreay appreciated Impact, however, setting foot in a TNA ring would be something special for him. That possibility came closer to reality when Impact announced a rebranding back to the TNA name starting at Hard to Kill on January 13, 2024. After Ospreay’s duel with Alexander, the Aerial Assassin mentioned the idea of returning to take part in TNA.

Ospreay will get his wish. TNA announced that he will be appearing on the TV taping for January 14 in Las Vegas, NV.

To be clear, TNA doesn’t outright say in the press release that Ospreay will be wrestling. Knowing how much TNA means to Ospreay, it would be a safe assumption to believe he will wrestle, but that’s still just an assumption at this point.

For those confused about Ospreay’s contractual allegiances, he remains under contract with NJPW. This appearance for TNA falls under the Forbidden Door realm. When Ospreay’s NJPW contract expires in 2024, then he will officially be All Elite in AEW.

What would you like to see from Ospreay’s visit to TNA?

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