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TNA re-signs former world champion

Impact is solidifying their roster for the shift to TNA in 2024. PCO, Leon Slater, and Kushida are a few that have inked new deals. Next on the list is a former world champion. Eddie Edwards re-signed with TNA.

Edwards has been with TNA/Impact since 2014. His résumé in the company includes two-time world champion, two-time X-Division champion, and five-time tag team champion with Davey Richards. Edwards has also held a variety of championships in ROH, Pro Wrestling Noah, and elsewhere.

Edwards spoke with about the news. The decision to renew his contract with TNA was a no-brainer for him. Edwards is happy to be there and hopes to continue on board as long as he is able.

Edwards shared thoughts on the return of TNA and the goal to make it the #2 wrestling company again.

Edwards: It’s a good thing. As Impact we did all that we can do and it’s still going to be our TV series name, but for so long, for many years, anytime I’d see somebody in the street or, in the mall, whatever, and somebody would ask how wrestling is going, and I’d say Impact Wrestling, and sometimes, it would take a second for it to click, and then I’d say it used to be TNA Wrestling, and that name brings something up in a lot of fans. A lot of, people who aren’t necessarily die-hard fans, they know the name TNA Wrestling. So, I think it’s a good thing, going back to it. It gives us a fresh start, although it’s still the same company and, the same employees and most of the roster. Changes here and there, but I think it gives everybody a good feeling going forward where it’s a little bit of nostalgia, of course, but it also gives us a goal to get back to what TNA was at a time, when TNA was the second biggest company in the world and that’s what we want to do. So, I think it gives us all a goal and we’re all kind of feeling that momentum going forward into the New Year. It was perfect timing, I think.

Edwards reflected on his future with a desire to work behind the scenes. He enjoys learning about the production aspect of professional wrestling. There is no rush though. Edwards plans to ride in the ring until the wheels fall off.

Edwards was gracious to the fans for their support.

Edwards: The fact that I have resigned... It’s a lot to do with the company, of course, but it’s also a lot to do with the fans and the support that I’ve been given over my whole career, not just the time in TNA and Impact Wrestling, but my career in general. I’ve had some great support and honestly, we couldn’t do it without the fans. We learned that the hard way during the pandemic, so I continue to be very gracious that the fans are back and the fans have supported myself along with my wife and the company and just continue doing so. I hope everyone just enjoys wrestling as a whole. It’s a great time for the world of professional wrestling. So sit back, enjoy it, and just, be in the moment. That’s all I got to say. Be in the moment. Thank you all.

What’s your opinion about Eddie Edwards re-signing with TNA? What would you like to see out of his career moving forward?

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