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Impact Final Resolution 2023 recap: End of an era

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Final Resolution (Dec. 9, 2023) marked the end of the Impact era. It was the final event before the company returns to its roots as TNA in 2024. Impact offered a couple of surprises, a world-class debut in Zack Sabre Jr., and the face of Impact standing tall to close the show.

Let’s jam through the results from start to finish.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Ace Austin & Chris Bey defeated Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers to retain the titles. The challengers were close to victory on a backpack stunner and flying elbow drop combo, but Ace kicked out. ABC isolated Myers to finish with the Art of Finesse and The Fold combo for victory. Post-match, the Rascalz attacked the champs to hold the belts high.

Afterward, Alisha Edwards ran her mouth insulting the Toronto crowd. Alisha, Eddie, and Myers sat in the ring to boycott the PPV. Director of Authority Santino Marella restored order by booking an impromptu match for Alisha against hometown Jody Threat.

Jody Threat defeated Alisha Edwards. The Wild Child ragdolled Alisha around the ring. When Eddie helped his wife, the referee ejected him and Myers. Threat gave them a going away present in the form of a flying cannonball. Alisha took control, then Threat fired up to catch a flying crossbody and counter for an F5.

Impact Digital Media Championship: Tommy Dreamer defeated Deaner to retain the title. Deaner’s cheating backfired. He wrapped the title belt around the top turnbuckle. Dreamer do-si-do’ed to catapult Deaner into the foreign object. A DDT sealed the deal.

The Rascalz were eager for their resurgence as tag team champions. Santino stepped in to flex his DOA power. Trey Miguel was booked to wrestle “Speedball” Mike Bailey, but Santino changed it to a tag bout. Bailey’s partner was a mystery.

The Rascalz and Bailey were in the ring awaiting for the arrival of... Trent Seven.

Mike Bailey & Trent Seven defeated the Rascalz. As Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz were setting up Hot Fire Flame, ABC returned the favor to trifle in their business. Ace Austin and Chris Bey were on stage as a distraction. Bailey took out the Rascalz on a springboard moonsualt. A Burning Hammer from Seven and an Ultima Weapon from Bailey earned victory.

After the match, Scott D’Amore publicly signed Seven to TNA. (Full details.)

Speedball Mountain celebrated the moment backstage.

Jake Something defeated Jason Hotch. Hotch ambushed Jake with a chair on the pre-show. Hotch was confident that the match would be canceled, but Jake came to fight despite the pain. Jake rallied for a powerbomb and a spinning side slam to win.

Street Fight: Moose defeated Rhino. The match began as a standard contest. Moose was in trouble, so he low-blowed Rhino for an intentional disqualification. Rhino demanded the match continue as a street fight, and the powers of authority gave the green light. They also added a stipulation to ensure Moose’s participation. If Moose bails, then he will be stripped of his world title shot against Alex Shelley at Hard to Kill on January 13.

Tables, ladders, and chairs were used to inflict pain. Moose mounted Rhino in the corner throwing punches. Rhino lifted Moose for a powerbomb through a table. Rhino also added a hip toss onto the ladder.

Rhino and Moose battled for position. Rhino overpowered his opponent to accidentally send him colliding into the referee. Ref down! Gore to Moose. The backup referee ran in to make the count. 1, 2, kick out. Rhino eyed a Gore though another table, but Moose pulled the backup referee in front to take the hit through the wood. Backup ref down!

Moose speared Rhino, and the original referee counted three.

Trinity & Jordynne Grace defeated Deonna Purrazzo & Gisele Shaw. Grace challenges Trinity for the Knockouts Championship at Hard to Kill. The question was how well they would get along as a team. The answer was that they coexisted perfectly fine. There was no tension, no miscommunication, no accidental contact. They even strung together a few fancy teamwork sequences. For the finish, Trinity rammed Shaw into the ring post. Grace clobbered Purrazzo with a spinning backfist and a powerbomb. Trinity added a buttbuster. Grace secured the pin to win. Afterward, Shaw attacked Purrazzo for losing the match.

Josh Alexander & Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Motor City Machine Guns. The main event marked the debut of Sabre from NJPW.

This was a roughly 30-minute tag team delight. There wasn’t much story or any real stakes behind it. The focus was on high-quality wrestling to end the Impact era. Alexander stood tall as the face of the company by escaping a tornado DDT from Chris Sabin to spike a C4 piledriver for victory.

The pre-show showcased three bouts.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Sheldon Jean. Jean brought the fight to control the action, but Kaz had veteran savvy up his sleeve. Kazarian ducked a head kick to counter for a chickenwing submission to win.

Jack Price defeated Aiden Prince. Price was shifty using a referee distraction to poke his opponent in the eye. Price pounced for a fireman’s carry gutbuster.

PCO defeated Jessie V. Jessie was a powerhouse who took to the air for a flying splash. PCO rallied for a reverse DDT and a moonsault to win.

Final Resolution closed the chapter on Impact. The show was fine as a way to tread water until Hard to Kill in the new era of TNA. Impact added enough spice on the fly to make the show more exciting. The wrestling delivered as expected.

The Final Resolution replay is available for viewing through IMPACT Plus, YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders, and Fite TV.

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