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Vladimir Kozlov returns to ring for first time in 12 years for match in Impact

The man formerly known as Vladimir Kozlov returned to the ring on Impact Wrestling (Nov. 9, 2023). It was his first match in 12 years. Now going by his real name, Oleg Prudius dished out destruction.

Prudius joined Dango for tag team action against Nick Diamond and Storm Grayson. Dango was so confident in Prudius’ fighting skills demonstrated in John Wick that the dirty dancer didn’t even bother to participate in the match. Dango sat in on commentary instead.

Prudius was a wrecking machine. He single-handedly dominated both opponents with power offense. Prudius executed a push kick to the chest, an overhead suplex, a shoulder tackle, a Death Valley Driver, and a fallaway slam.

In the end, Prudius shed off his opponent’s attempt at a flying attack. That’s when Dango returned to call his shot at glory. The hard work was done. Prudius tagged in Dango for an elbow drop inverted DDT to win with a muscle flex on the pin.

Prudius’ performance was a neat blast from the past. He was never known as a best bout machine, but he executed his role just fine in this outing. Prudius has an intimidating presence and strikes fear as an ass-kicker. Impact will use him accordingly to maximize his strengths.

Are you on board for the return of Oleg Prudius to the wrestling ring?

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