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Tommy Dreamer loses control and stabs rival with fork

Tommy Dreamer has a violent past. He was known as the Innovator of Violence for a reason. But that was the past, and Dreamer is trying to turn over a new leaf for the future. No longer does he embrace savagery due to the physical and emotional toll his barbarity has taken on himself and others. Dreamer will pull out the tricks of yesteryear from time to time when the situation calls for it. On Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Nov. 9, 2023), Dreamer lost control and stabbed his rival with a fork.

Dreamer brought the Impact Digital Media Championship into competition against Crazzy Steve. The challenger cashed in his Feast or Fired title shot. This match had extra spicy beef after a previous incident when Steve stabbed Dreamer in the back with a fork. This contest was Dreamer’s chance to get revenge. The rules were for a standard match, so Dreamer would have to play fair.

Dreamer started strong with a neckbreaker, a knee lift, and mounted punches in the corner. Steve bit Dreamer’s thigh to escape. Steve sang about the angel of death coming to take Tommy. He utilized underhanded tactics, such as gouging the eyes and fish hooking the cheek.

Dreamer rallied for a superplex. He was in the groove, then Steve raked the eyes again. After cannonball in the corner, Steve declared it was time to end it. He took out a fork and tried to stab Dreamer in the eyes.

Tommy blocked the attack and bit Steve’s forearm to drop the weapon. When Steve bent over to pick up the fork, Dreamer struck with a cutter. The utensil was now in the hands of Dreamer. He lost control and jabbed Steve in the head. The referee called for a disqualification due to the use of a foreign object. Dreamer didn’t stop there. He grated the fork on Steve’s forehead. Steve rolled out of the ring and laughed at the violent outburst of Dreamer reverting back to his old ways.

Steve technically won this battle, but the war is from over. Dreamer remains Impact digital media champion. No doubt that stakes will be increased in the next round with violence officially on the menu.

Are you excited for Tommy Dreamer to unleash his violent side?

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