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Trinity retains Knockouts championship, Gail Kim gets physically involved at Turning Point

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Trinity won’t have to worry about one of her toughest rivals in Impact any longer. The Knockouts Championship was on the line with a special stipulation at Turning Point from Newcastle, England. Gail Kim was the special guest referee for the occasion, and she had to flex her muscle for physicality.

Trinity put the title on the line against Deonna Purrazzo. This match was Purrazzo’s last chance to take the gold away from the champion. The stipulation stated that a loss from Purrazzo means that she won’t be able to challenge for the Knockouts Championship anymore as long as Trinity holds the belt.

Purrazzo started by grinding the legs to hinder Trinity’s athleticism. Trinity was still able to land signature offense, such as the splits leg drop.

Purrazzo shifted gears to focus on weakening the arm. Trinity rallied with the Rear View. The Virtuosa regained composure for a Russian leg sweep transition to the Fujiwara armbar. Trinity was able to grab the ropes for the break.

Up to that point, Kim called the match down the middle. She admonished Purrazzo a few times for bending the rules. Kim maintained good positioning throughout to stay out of line from the action.

Down the stretch, Purrazzo surprised Trinity with a Gotch piledriver. That move is a reliable finisher from the Virtuosa, however, Trinity kicked out at 2. Purrazzo began arguing with Kim about the count. Trinity capitalized on Purrazzo’s self-inflicted distraction for a whirling headscissors and the Starstruck submission. Purrazzo escaped by stacking up for a pin.

Trinity ducked a clothesline and shot back for a full nelson buttbuster. Trinity locked in Starstruck again, and Purrazzo tapped out in defeat.

Afterward, Purrazzo was a sore loser to attack Trinity from behind. Purrazzo turned her attention to Kim. Shoves were exchanged. Purrazzo slapped Kim, so the Knockouts legend retaliated with Eat Defeat.

Time will tell if that was a one-time appearance by Kim servicing this story, or perhaps Impact is cooking up a return to the ring for the Hall of Famer. Kim hasn’t wrestled in singles action since losing to Tessa Blanchard in 2019. Kim’s last appearance in the ring was part of a 10-women tag match at Impact 1,000 in September this year, where she put on a show-stealing performance. If this story brews into something larger, Kim versus Purrazzo is the type of attraction to have special value for Impact’s switch back to TNA at Hard to Kill on January 13, 2024.

As for what’s next for Trinity, Jordynne Grace awaits for a title shot at Hard to Kill.

The Turning Point replay is available for viewing through IMPACT Plus, YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders, and Fite TV.

Share your reaction to the skirmish between Gail Kim and Deonna Purrazzo. Would you like to see Kim wrestle one more time?

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