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Hometown hero wins Glasgow Cup tournament in Impact

Glasgow believes in Joe Hendry. He repaid their faith by winning the Glasgow Cup during Impact’s UK Invasion tour.

The Glasgow Cup was a one-night tournament held by Impact. Hendry had the home field advantage. Even though he hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, he resides just outside of Glasgow. Hendry defeated Rich Swann in the first round, and Frankie Kazarion defeated Leon Slater on the other side of the bracket. Hendry met Kaz in the tournament final, which aired on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Nov. 2, 2023).

Mat work to start. Hendry was 252 pounds of pure motivation lifting Kazarian high for a stalling suplex. He also chopped Kaz’s chest to the beat of his theme song.

Kaz gained an edge by shoving Hendry off the turnbuckles crashing down to the floor. Kaz continued his momentum with springboard and slingshot offense.

The story of the match was Kazarian going for the chickenwing submission. Hendry had him well scouted to escape. Kaz locked in the hold on Hendry’s back, but the hometown hero countered for a suplex and followed with a fallaway slam. Later, Kaz went for his finisher again, however, Hendry wisely backed into the corner causing Kaz to release his grip.

Kazarian adjusted to use other tricks in his arsenal for a Fade to Black piledriver, but that couldn’t keep Hendry down for the three-count.

Hendry rallied with a superplex. A slugfest ensued back and forth. That led to the closing climax with a series of roll-ups. Hendry was able to trap Kaz in a cradle for victory. Scott D’Amore presented the Glasgow Cup trophy to the winner as the fans waved their hands from side to side. They believed in Joe Hendry.

Impact posted the full match for your viewing pleasure.

Do you believe in Joe Hendry?

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