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Will Ospreay wins Impact dream match, wants to return for match in TNA

Dream match alert! And yes, this dream match advertising is the real deal.

Will Ospreay entered the Impact Zone to wrestle Josh Alexander. The main event of Impact Wrestling (Nov. 16, 2023) began with Alexander using his force advantage to bully Ospreay around the ring. The Walking Weapon slapped on an ankle lock in an attempt to hinder the Aerial Assassin’s high-flying ability.

Alexander was persistent in his game plan early to do major damage to Ospreay’s leg. The IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion felt the pain unable to execute a springboard cutter and collapsed trying to run for the Hidden Blade strike. As the match wore on, Ospreay grit through to find his groove.

Down the stretch, Ospreay went to finish with the Storm Breaker, however, Alexander countered into an impressive piledriver.

Alexander aimed to close with the C4 spike piledriver, but Ospreay escaped to smash the Hidden Blade. Kick out by Alexander. Ospreay hit the Storm Driver ‘93. Kick out by Alexander. Ospreay kept the momentum rolling for a Hidden Blade and a Storm Breaker to finally finish his opponent.

After the broadcast, Ospreay cut a promo, bruv. He put over Alexander as an incredible talent. Ospreay was thankful for the opportunity to compete in Impact. It was TNA that made him want to be a wrestler, so he wants to return for a match in TNA. Alexander proposed starting off the year with a rematch.

Impact transitions back to TNA starting with the Hard to Kill PPV on January 13, 2024. That would be a fitting event to run back Ospreay versus Alexander. We’ll have to wait and see if schedules line up for announcements to be made.

Impact was kind enough to promptly post the full match between Ospreay and Alexander for your viewing pleasure.

Share your reaction to the dream match of Will Ospreay versus Josh Alexander. Did it meet your expectations?

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